Atheletes4EB is a group dedicated to raising Epidermolysis Bullosa awareness amongst the professional and collegiate sports community. When creating this brand, I wanted to represent both the athlete/sport side and Epidermolysis Bullosa. The font can fall into the same category style found in most sports logos or material. The stars represent shooting for the stars no matter who you are or what your struggles may be. The butterfly represents the EB community. Know as the butterfly children because the skin is as fragile as a butterfly wings. The butterfly in this logo also forms the shape to make an E and a B, for Epidermolysis Bullosa. This was a special project and a privilege to work on.

1 athletes4eb.jpg
2 camp wonder.jpg


Camp Wonder is a camp for children with skin discoveries. There they can enjoy a week without stare and laughter that benefits their happiness. It is one of the most special places on this earth and being apart of their media team is a blessing I will treasure. So many great memories.



Dear New America, DNA was founded by best friend and myself. We wanted change. We wanted hope. We wanted a better future. For now, DNA grows slowly, but will never stop. This is our first company and we can't wait to spread all the love this world has to offer.

3 Dear New America.jpg
4 rent my wardobe.jpg


This was one of the first iPhone applications I worked on. Starting with the logo as the foundation for a great idea. Rent My Wardrobe is where you can rent amazing clothes locally and put cash in your pocket with what's in your closet. The interface on this app has since been redesigned, but being apart of a team that lifted this brand off the ground, is something truly special. Available in the App Store.

mercury flight

Mercury Flight is no longer a company, but was a call, text and email service. While I worked with them, I created all kinds of marketing content. Working with backend developers to front end support to understand how their web based platform worked. This was one of the first companies I worked with doing tutorial training videos. Turns out, my voice isn’t too bad for voiceover.

7 Mercury Flight LLC.jpg
5 pocket brew.jpg

pocket brew co.

Pocket Brew is the link between people who enjoy quality beer and the people who craft it. By using this app you could search a database and explore thousands of craft beers, rate the ones you try and never forget the beers you hate. This app was eventually put on hold, but did release to the App Store. 


Alivia Laine Interiors

Alivia Laine Interior Designs is a company based in Houston, Texas. This company focuses on modern and contemporary style of decor. The client wanted a simple, yet stand out logo. They also wanted to have a script typeface. Adding a custom stroke to the background of this logo was the final touch. Representing a brush of something new and exciting for interior design.

8 ALID.jpg
11 Cali's Best.jpg

Califorina best

California Best Genetics is a delivery company based in Northern California. I was able to create content needed for marketing and advertising. I enjoyed creating with this company because I believe in cannabis education.


American pew & Bench

American Pew & Bench has been redefining the craft of carpentry for businesses & churches since 2008. Family and black owned based in Bastrop, Texas. This company takes to heart the pride and dedication behind the craft of wood. There are few companies still in the United States that do what American Pew does.

9 APB.jpg
10 SuperMover.jpg

super mover bros

Super Mover Bros., LLC is a moving company based in Butler, Pennsylvania. This company handles your most treasured items with care. Trusting them to be apart of your new journey is one you won’t regret.


cooking with christy

Cooking with Christy is a YouTube cooking channel. Editing this footage was a lot of fun and I got to learn while creating.

12 Cooking w_ Christy.jpg
6 52 Projects, LLC.jpg

52 projects

52 Projects, LLC has several web based platforms they created. It was a joy to create tutorial content and other design materials for them. Very unique programs indeed.