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If you made it this far, you already know her name. Once you begin to explore, you will learn that Jazz has done a lot of things in her life. Traveling is her absolute favorite and being able to work remotely as a Visual Designer, makes it possible. Check out her bomb Portfolio, she is pretty impressed herself. 😉

In her free time, she enjoys editing videos or creating websites. "The design world has and always will be something new, different, and exciting. CREATE something that will INSPIRE people to REMEMBER." says Jazz. She wants to encourage others to keep going no matter where their journey leads them. That everything really is possible as long as you try. 


Jazz was born with a rare genetic skin discovery called Epidermolysis Bullosa. It has been one of the biggest challenges life has brought her. She has started her podcast series to help encourage EB Families across the world. She wants them to know, they are not alone. She will share life stories and experiences in hopes to help you through what might seem the toughest of times.


The first series is 'Brave Mom' continue scrolling to see more. I plan on having tons of podcasts of things like interviews, inspirational messages, and a lot more to come! I hope you enjoy them! 

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Broadcasting Platforms Include — Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, & Youtube [CC].